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Market News

  • Kenya experiences 25 percent growth in its exports of duty-free goods to the US under Agoa act

    Posted on :Monday , 6th May 2019

    Marking one of the biggest leaps in nine years, according to the latest figures by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), exports of duty-free goods to the US under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa) grew by 25 percent.

    The goods, especially textile products, grew from Sh33 billion in 2018 to Sh41.5 billion last year.

    Posted on :Tuesday , 30th April 2019

    In Kenya plastic packaging is almost entirely dependent on imports.  This is due to the post-harvest losses caused by insufficient packaging and processing technology in East African countries are as high as 30%, and up to 70% of fruits and vegetables have to besold with out packing and thus might get wasted. The increase in per capita income in Kenya has led to an increase in packa. . .

  • Kenya endeavors to enhance plastic industry

    Posted on :Tuesday , 30th April 2019

    Manufacturers in Kenya have been working strategies towards the reuse and recycling of plastic waste. By establishing the Kenya Plastics Action Plan, manufacturers under the Kenya Association of Manufacturers will align with the Ocean Plastics Charter, which is a long term private sector initiative on the sustainable manufacture, use and recycling of plastics

    Speaki. . .

  • Russian Agricultural Machinery Convoy To Expand In Africa

    Posted on :Monday , 29th April 2019

    Agricultural machinery produced by Rostselmash SC are planned to be supplied to Mozambique and East Africa, according to the agency of economic information Prime, with reference to the Director for export sales of the company, Maxim Maximov. We are talking about the implementation of a government project that provides for the export of 70 pieces of equipment to this. . .

  • Tanzania inaugurated its first in East Africa, international gold trading centre

    Posted on :Monday , 29th April 2019

    Tanzania inaugurated an international gold trading centre which is the first in East Africa. 

    The centre is specially to encourage mineral trade, discourage smuggling of minerals, and make sure that businesses pay their levies to the government. The trading centre is located in the gold-rich region of Geita that produces over 40 percent of the gold exported from the . . .


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