Amarillo and Ethiopian Medical Professionals Working Together To Save New-born

Posted on :Saturday , 2nd November 2019

Amarillo - The Neonatal Department, a non-profit organization taking an efforts to make a difference in new-borns in Ethiopia.


To provide education to Ethiopian Physicians on how to sustain healthy new-born babies successfully, Amarillo provided their eight Medical Professionals in Ethiopia.


According to Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Phillip Platt, education in Ethiopia isn’t the problem; the lack of resources to apply their learning to new-borns creates a high mortality rate.


Eight Amarillo Medical Professionals are continuously educating Ethiopian Physicians on how to sustain healthy newborn babies successfully.


The Wax and Gold organization was created to help teach Ethiopian Physicians ways to maximize the resources they have to treat new-borns better.


Each one of the member of Wax and Gold Organization has to go on trip twice a year, and the next trip is scheduled for next week. Members also believe they gain just as much as they bring to the medical staff in Ethiopia.


“That was great for them just to be so excited to hear anything you had to say, and you walked alongside them, worked alongside them, and they welcomed any suggestions that you had,” said Laura Bailey, a registered nurse at BSA.  


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