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  • Silafrica Forms Partnership with PETCO Ethiopia to Reduce Post-Consumer PET's Environmental Impact

    Posted on :Friday , 27th August 2021

    Silafrica's collaboration with PETCO aims to reduce the environmental impact of post-consumer Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) on Ethiopia's landscape. One of the most significant accomplishments of the collaboration is the demonstration that plastic packaging has no negative environmental impact.


    Getaneh Asfaw, Country CEO of Silafrica Ethiopia, says, "We are glad and thrill. . .

  • Nestlé launches its plastic waste control programme in Ethiopia

    Posted on :Wednesday , 30th December 2020

    Nestlé has collaborated with local sustainability consultant TS Environment to set up a programme for the recycling of plastics waste in Ethiopia. The goal of the programme is to achieve the neutrality of plastics in the next 12 months. This ensures that Nestlé would have extracted and co-processed the equivalent amount of plastic found in the goods sold and avoided th. . .

  • PETCO Ethiopia new solution for plastic bottles

    Posted on :Thursday , 8th October 2020

    Recycling is a fundamental structure resulting in solving pollution to a great extent in the environment, also meaning supervising waste management. Recycling helps in maintaining cleanliness by recycling by-products with recycle, reuse and reduce. These processes facilitate and create job opportunities through social entrepreneurship activities, entrepreneurs and self-employment. Modern youth,. . .

  • The Folding Plastic Furniture Market Is Projected To Grow In the Coming Years

    Posted on :Thursday , 19th March 2020

    The Folding Plastic Furniture Market has noticed a continuous growth in the last few years and is estimated to grow even further during the forecast period of 2020-2026.  

    Acceptance of folding furniture is on a rise in most populous cities of the world.


    Plastic folding Furniture is the furniture mostly made by plastic.  

    Like for example the plastic fol. . .

  • Addis Ababa Glass & Bottle Share Company Aiming To Triple Its Container Glass Manufacturing Capacity

    Posted on :Tuesday , 4th February 2020

    Addis Ababa Glass and Bottle Share Company, an Ethiopian glass container manufacturing company aim to increase capacity from its current 80 tons per day to 240 tons per day by 2022.


    Addis Glass is a container glass packaging producer which uses electric melting technology. It has gained from Ethiopia’s competitive electricity prices.


    As p. . .


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