Keitt Exporters Diversify Into Oil Market

Posted on :Thursday , 5th October 2017

 Keitt Exporters is looking at potential opportunities in added value avocado products, in an attempt to reduce risk and the recent trade restrictions in China and Taiwan. 

Grace Thuita, Sales and marketing manager said that the companies are also exploring machinery and processes with regard to the making of avocado oil, in order to make the most of the product.
The company hopes that this diversification process could provide security and value to suppliers as the global demands for avocado continues to rise rapidly.
 “We have seen a lot of growth in our avocado business, especially in the Far East markets,” she said. “What we want to do is educate the industry about Kenya’s logistics and availability.”
Keitt exports are known to export avocado between the months of March and August with some off-season crop also made available. The company exports also are rising exponentially by 10 and 20 percent annually.
 “Most inquiries we have are from China, though we are still experiencing trade restrictions with China and Taiwan. This is something the government has to sort out.”
Keitt Exporters is also making investments in their own production of Hass, which will give the company more control over the quality of the product. It will also provide better forecasting for exports.


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