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  • Innovation is at the core of Kenya's new plastics circularity plan.

    Posted on :Tuesday , 4th October 2022

    The Kenya Plastics Pact has presented the nation's new plan for creating a circular economy for plastics by 2030. The roadmap includes a number of important components, such as innovation and industry dialogue.


    Kenya is implementing a coordinated action plan to hasten the growth of the circular economy for plastics. The Kenya Plastics Pact (KPP), which was established in Marc. . .

  • Kenya Announces Recyclable Plastics Roadmap for 2030

    Posted on :Wednesday , 14th September 2022

    By 2030, all plastic packaging in the nation is to be recyclable or reused, according to a roadmap released by the Kenya Plastics Pact.

    The Roadmap has been signed and endorsed by more than 30 company members and supporters of the Kenya Plastics Pact, including people from every level of the supply chain for plastic packaging.

    They consist of producers of plastic packaging. . .

  • Coca-Cola Beverage Africa strikes an agreement with Organisations in Kenya for the sustainable recycling of plastic bottles.

    Posted on :Tuesday , 26th July 2022

    Coca-Cola Beverage Africa (CCBA) has signed a three-year Memorandum of Understanding with VetLab Sports Club and T3-Kenya to recycle 100% of the plastic bottles used at VetLab Sports Club.


    T3-Kenya is a social enterprise that converts plastic waste into garments through bottle-to-fashion recycling.


    T3-Kenya has agreed to recycle all plastic bottles collecte. . .

  • CAK approves Ramco Plexus' purchase of Platinum Packaging.

    Posted on :Friday , 10th June 2022

    The Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) has given unconditional regulatory approval to Africa-based investment holding company Ramco Plexus to purchase flexible packaging film maker Platinum Packaging.


    Platinum Packaging, founded in June 2009, is a 50/50 joint venture between Ramco Group and Carton Manufacturers.


    The company has locations all around Kenya . . .

  • Kenya, Africa's 3D printing powerhouse

    Posted on :Tuesday , 29th March 2022

    Kenya has long been regarded as an African innovation hotspot. In Kenya, there are a number of companies that make use  of 3D printing, and the country has a strong entrepreneurial and innovative culture. This has made 3D printing a highly practical and appealing technology, and if there's one thing that drives it all, it's Kenya's desire to develop its own solutions. Kenyans enjoy coming . . .


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