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  • Kenya, Africa's 3D printing powerhouse

    Posted on :Tuesday , 29th March 2022

    Kenya has long been regarded as an African innovation hotspot. In Kenya, there are a number of companies that make use  of 3D printing, and the country has a strong entrepreneurial and innovative culture. This has made 3D printing a highly practical and appealing technology, and if there's one thing that drives it all, it's Kenya's desire to develop its own solutions. Kenyans enjoy coming . . .

  • In Kenya, Rwanda and Nigeria, researchers developed innovative products out of old plastic water bottles.

    Posted on :Wednesday , 2nd March 2022

    Researchers from Loughborough University produced unique devices as part of an experiment aimed at lowering the impact of recyclable material in developing countries.


    The Circular Plastics project, worth £150,000, intends to promote local African companies including farming, fishing, and building by converting throwaway bottles into valuable products.

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  • Dow invests in Mr. Green Africa, a Kenyan company that recycles plastic.

    Posted on :Tuesday , 25th January 2022

    Dow Chemical is a worldwide corporation. Mr. Green Africa will improve its plastic waste management systems (sorting, collection, and recycling) in Kenya and other African nations with this financing.


    Dow Chemical, a developer of packaging solutions, is once again helping plastic trash recycling in Africa. Mr. Green Africa has received funding from the multinational based in . . .

  • Kenya will build Africa's largest affordable home project utilising 3D printing technology.

    Posted on :Thursday , 30th December 2021

    In Kilifi town, north of Mombasa, Kenya, 14Trees, a joint venture between Holcim and CDC Group, will build Africa's largest 3D-printed affordable housing project.


    The revolutionary 3D printing technology helped the 52-house Mvule Gardens project come to life in record time. 14Trees created the world's first 3D printed school in Malawi's Salima district earlier this year.

    <. . .

  • Kenya accelerates its PET collection and recycling agenda, thanks to Coca-Cola Africa.

    Posted on :Tuesday , 30th November 2021

    Coca-Cola Beverages Africa is a subsidiary of Coca-Cola. Kenya's sustainability mission continues to be driven by PETCO Kenya and other programmes such as trash segregation at source efforts.


    Our aim of a Waste-Free World has seen encouraging trends in waste collection and recycling, which is already nearly double the 72 percent achieved in 2020.


    Susan Main. . .


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