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CONFERENCE 20th May, 2022 8.00 am - 12. 30 pm PROGRAMME

Dear Delegate
We are delighted to welcome you to the Annual Solar Conference and to Nairobi Kenya for what promising to be an exciting week for discussion meeting and Networking session at the Conference and Trade Fair.

East African countries face some of the most difficult energy conditions compounded by rapid growth rate of Population and consumption. In East Africa, about 80% of the population doesnot have access to Electricity. Additionally, the Region is also grappling with the challenge of ageing power infrastructure that makes it prone to Power Cuts further adding tothe gap of Power deficit.

There is a Consensus now that a large proportion will have to be served through Mini Grids as the Cost of Full grid extension is far greater than the Funding available from the Government and International Funding Institutions. 

The Rise of Solar Off grid therefore presents a Massive opportunity forDecentralized Power Service Companies (DESCOs) particularly Solar Companies many of who have now come afoot in the Region to tap the Emerging Mult- Million Solar Industry. There are Similar Opportunities within the Power Sector itself where Technology will be Key to Solving the Persistent Challenges in Infrastructure such as the “smart grid”, enhancing efficiency in Powers distribution, smart metering technologies and many more.

This year we are joined by a great Panel of Industry Leaders to discuss the State of Kenya Power Sector, the Emerging Solar Off grid Revolution in East Africa and Role of Development Finance Institutions (DFIs),Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) and Private Investment in Funding Renewable Energy.

We thank you allfor joining us and we look forward to interactive and Insightful Session.

All the Best,


9.00 am - 10.30 am {90 Minitues}
Opening Ceremony
Welcome speech
Speech by Special guests

10.30 AM - 11.15 AM { 45 Minutes } :
Tea Break & Photo Session

11.15 AM - 12.00 PM {45 Minutes}
(Key Note 1)
Emerging opportunities & future of renewable energy in Kenya

12.00 PM - 12.45 PM {45 Minutes}
(Key Note 2)
Innovation & Global technology trends in energy quality & economics

12.45 PM - 01.30 PM {45 Minutes}
(Key Note 3)
Innovation & Global technology trends in energy quality & economics

01.30 PM - 02.50 PM {80 Minutes}

02.50 PM - 03.45 PM {55 Minutes}
(Panel Discussion 1)
Challenges and opportunities facing the power & energy distribution industry to achieve resilient, energy-efficient communities and green cities

03.45 PM - 05.00 PM {75 Minutes}
Closing Ceremony

05.50 PM
Networking Session

Delegates are Invited to Visit the Trade & Fair Expo at … Areas, where we have more than… exhibitorsFrom 11 Different countries show casing the best technologies in Electric Power, transmission, distribution, Solar power, and other Renewables. } EXPO GROUP FILL THIS PART


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