Over The Next Five Years, Coca-Cola Plans To Invest Up To $175 Million In Kenya

Posted on :Monday , 3rd June 2024

The Coca-Cola Company and its authorized bottler Coca-Cola Beverages Africa make up the Coca-Cola system in Kenya, and they have announced a new $175 million investment.  


Over the next five years, the system plans to invest up to $175 million in Kenya; the exact amount will depend on whether the company meets its projected growth targets in the nation.


Over the course of more than 75 years, the Coca-Cola system has been an essential feature of Kenya's landscape, according to Sunil Gupta, CEO of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa. We are thrilled to declare today that we plan to make a significant commitment to further solidify this legacy. Over the next five years, this investment aims to accelerate the expansion of capacity and capabilities inside the Coca-Cola system. Our choice to invest demonstrates our conviction in Kenya's economy's long-term potential.


In East Africa, the Coca-Cola system directly employs about 10,000 people. Additionally, it collaborates with over 500,000 micro, small and medium-sized businesses in Kenya and the East African continent.


"Our value chain supports over a million people's livelihoods in distribution, sales and other roles," Gupta continued. “We purchase around 8,000 metric tonnes of mango puree from growers in East Africa. We are confident in the region's potential and its capacity for substantial growth through public-private sector cooperation. Our company in Kenya is focused on using a local strategy; we source, manufacture, hire and distribute locally.”


The president of The Coca-Cola Company's Africa Operating Unit, Luisa Ortega, stated: "We are hopeful and totally dedicated to Kenya's future. We keep investing in our Kenyan company and community initiatives that support Kenya's growth because we anticipate significant social and economic advancement.”


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