Dar es Salaam Port Improves Efficiency, surpassing the 330 container target

Posted on :Tuesday , 18th June 2019

The containers terminal department had set the 330 container target, within three shifts but now can handle over 600 containers, decreasing the time of vessels to stay at the port.

The performance has eventually reduced costs of cargo vessels landing at the port, thanks to purchase of advanced machineries.
John Maghibo, Principal Operations Officer for the Container Terminal at the port, said in an interview that the upgraded performance has helped to attract ships that carry many containers.
In the past, the ships were avoiding the port over fears of sustaining more costs due to overstaying.
Mr Maghibo stated, "We used to receive vessels carrying 200 or 300 containers only, but now we receive ships with capacity of carrying between 800 and 1,000 containers."
He allocated the achievement to occupation of new machineries, naming gottwards, reach stackers and empty handlers as some of them.
"For the vessel carrying, for instance between 800 and 1000 containers, we can offload or load it in just two days," he said, further continuing that within 24 hours the department can handle 600 containers, 200 containers in each of the three shifts. 
He further said the 24-hour working system at the port has as well helped to improve performance.
Dr Magufuli had ordered all port stakeholders to function 24 hours in seven days a week to fasten cargo clearance. 
The directive was given to improve efficiency of the port, which has great capabilities of facilitating economic growth of Tanzania and all countries that use the Dar es Salaam port.
Mr Maghibo encouraged and suggested importers and exporters to make sure that they timely make documentation and submit the required documents to the department for speedy uploading or offloading.
The 24/7 working system also aimed and helped at solving challenges, which customers were facing in importing or exporting their goods.


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