Tanzania: Kurasini Lined Up for Major Export Processing Zone Authority Hub| EAITE 2018

Tanzania: Kurasini Lined Up for Major Export Processing Zone Authority Hub

Posted on :Thursday , 27th July 2017

 Establishment of the Kurasini Trade and Logistic Centre at Shimo la Udongo area takes off with the Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA) announcing it is now looking for a developer to manage the project.

The autonomous government agency is seeking a competent partner, preferably from the private sector, with whom to develop its 248,000sq metres of land located within Kurasini ward, Temeke district, all according to plans to be approved by the government.
In an invitation for ex pression of interest published in 'Daily News' yesterday, EPZA says the project would entail constructing assembly plants, warehouses and distribution facilities as well as provision of commercial and logistics support services to facilitate trade.
It is envisaged that the high-quality products to come out of its assembly plants would be for wholesale export markets only - notably within the Eastern, Central and Southern Africa regions.
The EPZA announcement further explains that the project would include construction of a One-Stop-Service Centre (OSSC) to house both its own staff and others working for trade investment facilitation institutions such as the Tanzania Revenue Authority, the Immigration department, Labour, Tanzania Bureau of Standards, Tanzania Food and Drug Authority and Tanzania Trade De velopment Authority.
The private investorcum-developer would also be required to assume primary responsibility for marketing and searching for investors who would subsequently set up factory warehouses, assembly plants for Completely Knocked Down (CKD) and Semi Knocked Down (SKD) kits.
It would also set up processing and packaging facilities, production facilities for jewelry, pharmaceutical, garments, leather products and other items of apparel, assembly facilities for electronic goods, machinery, vehicles, equipment and other consumer durables.


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