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  • Ethio-Djibouti 2nd Circuit High Power Transmission Line Launched

    Posted on :Thursday , 10th November 2022

    Construction on the Ethio-Djibouti 2nd Circuit High Power Transmission Line and Distribution Station Project was recently launched by Ethiopia and Djibouti. Along with strengthening the electrical and transportation links between the 2 neighbouring states, the project is anticipated to bring Ethiopia foreign revenue.


    EEP CEO Ashebir Balcha stated during the projectâ&eur. . .

  • Ethiopia Exports USD 13 Million Worth Electricity to Djibouti, Sudan in Two Months

    Posted on :Monday , 17th October 2022

    The Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) announced on 10th October that Ethiopia has earned more than USD 13 million from exporting electricity to neighbouring Djibouti and Sudan.


    According to Menilik Getahun, the head of sales and customer management office under the marketing and business development department of EEP, the amount generated was out of the planned USD 18.55 million. . .

  • More Geothermal Power Plants Planned For Ethiopia

    Posted on :Monday , 17th October 2022

    A United Kingdom company specialising in onshore deep drilling has secured financing to construct 2 geothermal power stations in Ethiopia.


    The projects at Tulu Moye and Hawassa will be Ethiopia’s 1st independent power stations and will run off geothermal energy harnessed by drilling deep into the volcanic rocks below.


    The Tulu Moye geothe. . .

  • ETHIOPIA: Marriott Secures Funding For Drilling At Two Geothermal Sites

    Posted on :Wednesday , 14th September 2022

    UK-based Marriott Drilling Group is securing funding to support two geothermal projects it is developing in Ethiopia. The funds are being provided by the investment company NPIF-Mercia Debt Finance.


    UK-based Marriott Drilling Group is securing funding for its drilling contracts in Ethiopia. The Chesterfield, England-based Company has secured the funding from NPIF-Mercia Debt . . .


    Posted on :Tuesday , 12th April 2022

    The World Bank's Board of Executive Directors has approved US$ 55M for the implementation of the Second Djibouti-Power System Interconnection Project which intends to strengthen regional connectivity between Ethiopia and Djibouti by improving low-cost and clean power transmission.

    The monies will particularly help fund the building of a second double-circuit high voltage energy power tran. . .


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