East Africa: Call for Regional Cooperation to Transform Construction Industry

Posted on :Wednesday , 3rd May 2017

 Resulting from the rapid and sustainable economic growth as well as the ongoing fast urbanization in Ethiopia,there is high demand for cement and concrete, Construction Minister Eng. Aisha Mohamed said.

While addressing the 2nd Annual East Africa Cement, Concrete and Energy Summit yesterday, Minister Eng. Aisha reiterated: "With the growth in our economy and the increase in urbanization, there is a parallel need of cement and concert."
As to her, cement, concrete and energy play a major role in satisfying a wide range of physical, economic and social needs of a given country. They as well contribute significantly to the fulfillment of various national goals.
"In Ethiopia, for most construction activities by the government and private developers there is currently no other material that can replace cement or concrete in terms of effectiveness, price, and performance," she noted.
At the event, The i-Capital Africa Institute CEO and Assistant Prof. from the Addis Ababa University Technology Faculty Dr. Gemechu Waktola said the summit aimed at bringing together the construction and building materials manufacturers in the region.
"The summit is expected to play a big role in shaping the future of the construction industry in Ethiopia and the region ."
For his part, Science and Technology State Minister Prof. Afwork Kasu said the summit is timely because Africa, the region and Ethiopia are rising . "The fast economic growth in Ethiopia is playing a positive role in giving impetus to the whole region in this regard."
The continent at large, the region and Ethiopia in particular can not acquired by themselves the desired knowledge, innovation and technology to improve the industry. Hence, Prof. Afwork underlined the need for creating strong synergy among policy makers, industries, opinion leaders and institutions in the region.
Industry State Minister Dr. Alemu Sime through his representative said the policy inputs presented on the summit would enable the government and private sector to address challenges in the sector.
Adama Science and Technology University President Dr. Lemi Guta said : " Ethiopia and the region are now in the process to transform the agriculture -led economy to industry one. Therefore, the construction industry plays irreplaceable role and needs to be supported by innovative knowledge, research and technology."
The Summit was co-hosted by The i-Capital Africa Institute and Adama Science and Technology University partnering with Chemical and Construction Inputs Industry Development Institute and the Ethiopian Cement Producers Association.


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