Energy Ties between Ethiopia and Its Neighbours Take a Leading Role

Posted on :Thursday , 25th April 2024

ADDIS ABABA – The Ministry of Water and Energy (MoWE) stated that Ethiopia is taking the lead in forging energy connections with its neighbours and that electricity supplies to Sudan are still going strong.


On the fringes of the World Future Energy Summit, taking place in Abu Dhabi from April 16–18, 2024, MoWE Minister Habtamu Itefa (PhD–Eng.) made the aforementioned statement.


The Minister claims that while Ethiopia continues to supply electricity to Sudan despite the latter's inability to complete payment owing to internal issues, Ethiopia's focus on promoting cooperation with the rest of Africa is evident in the energy linkage.


Habtamu (PhD) went on to emphasize that Ethiopia is contributing significantly to the maintenance and expansion of East Africa's Power Pool in conjunction with development partners. In addition, telephone networks and road power lines are expanded to nearby nations.


Short-, medium-, and long-term strategies are in place at the continental level, and a regionally coordinated approach is also taken into account. tHEY are putting forth great effort to establish East Africa as a hub for green energy since They have abundant hydropower and the capacity to grow."


Additionally, in order to achieve meaningful results in energy development initiatives, public-private partnerships are essential. Three nations now have energy links with Ethiopia.  


Development partners' commitment is essential since electricity lines' infrastructure development is capital-intensive. By taking part in these development initiatives, the Minister said, it is possible to generate a significant number of employment as well as peace and stability in the target nations.


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