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Market News

  • The Business of a Kenyan Woman Turns Recycled Plastic Into Bricks.

    Posted on :Friday , 3rd February 2023

    Nairobi, Kenya's capital, is home to the startup Gjenge Makers, which was founded by Nzambi Matee. Her company turns plastic garbage into five to seven times more durable bricks than concrete. Matee not only founded the business, but she also created the machinery used to make the bricks. She receives free low- and high-density polyethylene and polypropylene plastic from nearby packing faciliti. . .

  • Nairobi Will House The African Headquarters Of Nexgen Packaging

    Posted on :Tuesday , 20th December 2022

    NEXGEN Packaging, a US-based packaging company has started building its African headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

    The investment, which is situated in the Export Processing Zone on the Athi River, will support the business' operations in Ethiopia, Egypt and West Africa.

    Kenya will serve as the company's main industrial hub in Africa.

    Manuel Torres, managing director . . .

  • Kenya turns to Bioplastic for its packaging needs.

    Posted on :Thursday , 1st December 2022

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kenya has seen a spike in the market for home delivery, many of which are created with plastic packaging materials like oxoplastics and bioplastics.

    Many agricultural products, as well as packaging, trash bags, and decomposition sacks, use oxyplastics, which are made from petroleum polymers. Because they include special chemicals, they break down easily.<. . .

  • Kenya to establish specifications for biogas packaging.

    Posted on :Thursday , 3rd November 2022

    Kenya is establishing regulations to facilitate the commercialization of biogas, a move  that will provide consumers with affordable energy in response to the high cost of LPG and  generate income for producers.

    The only thing left from the commercialization of the methane gas created from plant matter and animal waste, according to the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KBS),. . .

  • Innovation is at the core of Kenya's new plastics circularity plan.

    Posted on :Tuesday , 4th October 2022

    The Kenya Plastics Pact has presented the nation's new plan for creating a circular economy for plastics by 2030. The roadmap includes a number of important components, such as innovation and industry dialogue.


    Kenya is implementing a coordinated action plan to hasten the growth of the circular economy for plastics. The Kenya Plastics Pact (KPP), which was established in Marc. . .


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