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Market News

  • DOB Equity supporting Mr Green Africa in the recycling of plastic waste

    Posted on :Tuesday , 24th November 2020

    DOB Equity, an impact firm, is investing additional funds into a Kenyan-based plastic waste recycling company, Mr Green Africa. Mr Green Africa will be able to expand its operations in Kenya with this second investment from the family firm.


    The plastic waste recycling industry is taking shape in Kenya. Mr. Green Africa has just earned funds to grow his work in the region, one. . .

  • 3D printing's positive impact on the Kenyan health services

    Posted on :Wednesday , 28th October 2020

    The purring of machines ushers us into a well-designed lab, one of many office spaces inside the sleepy LakeHub tech incubation centre in Kisumu’s leafy suburb of Milimani. Around 18 three-dimensional printers have settled on the shelves buzzing towards additive manufacturing which is all received from a command from a laptop resting on a table.


    Daisy Achie. . .

  • Plastics recycling can avert plastic ban in Kenya

    Posted on :Wednesday , 28th October 2020

    Advocacy by manufacturers to support plastic recycling striving in avoiding the ban towards the use of the plastic material for packaging commodity.


    With Kenya's stringent rules against use of plastics to protect the environment. Following which the ban was carried on with the prohibition of single-use plastics in protected areas including national parks, forests and beaches.. . .

  • The Advantage Kraft White Print paper enters packaging in Kenya

    Posted on :Thursday , 8th October 2020

    Dune Packaging is a manufacturer of rigid plastics has collaborated with Mondi to produce quality packaging for food items for the consumers, like grain, maize and flour using Advantage Kraft White Print paper.  


    Dune packaging along with its partnership wants to infiltrate the market by providing open mouth paper bag packaging with multicolour and complex designs.

  • Carbon footprint to be reduced by Recycled Plastic

    Posted on :Wednesday , 16th September 2020

    Coronavirus pandemic has made cost-cutting a top priority, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Circular Alliance has found a desirable way to ship all kinds of cargo in a sustainable manner.


    The Alliance created an opportunity to help Kenya go greener. Roos Bakker, director of business development for cargo explained “Plastic is a big problem in Kenya. So the Al. . .


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