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Tanzania: Plastic Bag Factories Will Have to Install Recycling Plants As Well

Posted on :Wednesday , 26th April 2017

Morogoro — New plastic bag manufacturing factories in the country will have to install recycling facilities as the government moves to curb environmental degradation, the National Environment Management Council (NEMC) has announced.

NEMC Coordinator for the Eastern Zone Jaffar Chimgege, speaking here over the weekend, said: "As a country, we face a serious challenge when it comes to littering the environment by plastic materials and solid waste...they both pose serious threat to the environment."
He made the revelation shortly before he welcomed Morogoro Regional Commissioner Stephen Kebwe to officiate at a two-day workshop for environment and health officials on enforcement of the Environment Act.
The officials were drawn from local government authorities in Tanga, Coast and Morogoro regions. Mr Chimgege said various measures, including compelling manufacturers to produce plastic materials of approved specifications, were being undertaken to address the environmental pollution situation.
He cited the recent total ban on production of plastic sachets hitherto used to pack alcoholic drinks, saying new manufacturers of plastic materials will be required to install recycling facilities.
"The aim is to curb environment pollution through reduction of indiscriminately discarded litters of plastic materials on land and water bodies," he stressed.
Speaking at the workshop, NEMC's Chief Environment Officer Glory Kombe, pleaded with members of the public, particularly urban dwellers, to reduce the uses of plastic bags when shopping.
"In rural areas, people re-use one plastic bags for several times, they wash and reuse them...this has checked scattering of plastic materials in villages. We should as well consider other materials like baskets," she advised.
The official as well urged people to separate solid waste to enable recycling factories to reprocess plastic materials for other uses.
Morogoro RC, Dr Kebwe, urged the environment and health officials to effectively enforce the Environment Act, saying the central government has now given more powers to local government authorities to oversee the legislation.


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