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  • In Africa, the recycling of plastic trash is picking up steam.

    Posted on :Tuesday , 28th June 2022

    Food and beverage packaging is an important element of modern living, since it helps to assure food safety and prevent waste. However, the globe faces a packaging problem that demands a global solution. Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA), in collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company, has set ambitious goals to collect one bottle or can for every one it produces by 2030, use 50 percent recycled co. . .

  • Tanzania: Recycling helping growth in Businesses and job creation in Africa

    Posted on :Tuesday , 3rd May 2022

    As the world celebrated Recycling Day, more and more plastic trash is being redirected from landfills and into a circular economy that helps African countries generate employment and entrepreneurship.


    Diana Sibanda, Group Head of Sustainability at Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA), said the firm was working on more environmentally friendly ways to manufacture, distribute. . .

  • Tanzania: New Plastic Bottle Regulations are in the Works

    Posted on :Wednesday , 27th October 2021

    The government is planning new restrictions that are likely to lessen the use of non-recyclable and environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles.


    Soft drink makers will be compelled to package their products in transparent polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles, rather than colourful bottles whose recyclability is deemed to be unimportant for environmental improvement. . .

  • Tanzania: introduces ‘Wastebase' to collect statistics on plastic.

    Posted on :Wednesday , 28th July 2021

    Through data cataloguing, a new software aims to improve the collecting of single-use plastic in East Africa. The programme, dubbed 'Wastebase,' was released by the business  .


    Thanks to Wastebase, single-use plastic management in Tanzania, and few other coutries will now be data-driven., a startup created in 2020 by software programmers Cameron Smith (located. . .

  • Tanzania's EcoAct recycles plastic scrap into valuable materials

    Posted on :Thursday , 27th May 2021

    EcoAct Tanzania is one of the organisations that is pioneering new techniques to recycle plastic trash while also conserving the environment.


    EcoAct, one of Tanzania's fastest-growing tech firms, uses "Waxy ii Technique," a chemical-free and energy-efficient plastic extrusion technology.


    This cutting-edge method recycles and transforms post-consumer plastic. . .


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