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Afga Middle East Further Expands its Business Activities in Africa

Posted on :Thursday , 1st August 2019

Afga Middle East has always had its eyes on the lucrative African printing market and it recently installed three printers for two of its Congo-based customers - XL Media Group and Congo Graphics. 

For XL Media, the hybrid printer Jeti Titan HS UV marks Agfa Middle East's 10th installation at its facility. Som John, general manager, Agfa said, “Jeti Titan HS is one of the highest selling printers in our assortment in the last five years. This Canadian origin model is a 2mx3m true flatbed design for jobs up to 160m2/hr. It provides an unparalleled print quality with its highly accurate drop placement, seven pico liter spot size and six-colour height fidelity printing at 720x1200 dpi for photorealistic image quality,” 

John went on to explain that, 'Jeti Ceres is a roll-to-roll, 3.2 m six-color + white and/or first UV LED printer. It went out three years ago from our Canada plant and now has a powerful installation base around the globe. Acorta 3120 HS, an automatic self-recognition cutting plotter, was introduced during SGI 2015 in Dubai.'

Congo Graphics acquired two mid-profile printers - Jeti Ceres 3324 UV LED and Acorta 3120 HS. Alain, the production manager at Congo Graphics said,“The motive behind choosing Agfa products was to increase the production volume and speed and to best meet the needs of our customers. Jeti Ceres provides impeccable quality with low ink consumption.” 

John believes 'The African market offers access to enormous company possibilities and Agfa has tried to build as many local partnerships as possible in the hope of better outcomes and reduced risks. Our Anapurna range of printers is also quite popular in the region besides the Jeti designs. We have installed about 40 Anapurna printers in Africa by 2018 and expect to have some 5 to 7 units this year.'


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