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With an aim to become the most favourable investment destination, Ethiopia is currently undertaking massive infrastructural projects. A few of them are:

  • The 12000 KM long Addis light railway and Addis-Adama express which has been newly constructed.
  • Six major railway routes linking major areas with industry clusters are under construction.
  • USD 13 billion worth of road projects have already been sanctioned and many more in the pipeline for allotment
  • $4.8 billion hydroelectric dam project the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project is nearing it completion and is expected to increase the power generation capacity of the country by more than 6000 MW.
  • The Government of Ethiopia plans to reach 17000 MW in power generation capacity by 2020, in order to meet the 100% electrification target.  Solar, wind, geo-thermal as well as nuclear power plant options are being considered to promote clean energy.
  • The country's biggest contributor of foreign investment the Ethiopian Airlines which is also one of the fastest growing and largest aviation group in Africa, will add 37 destinations by 2020 and increase its fleet and cargo capacity by more than 40%.
  • The Government of Ethiopia has liberalized major state monopoly companies including Ethiopian Airlines, Ethio-Telecom, Ethiopian shipping Lines and Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation in order to open the sectors for foreign investors

These measures and more have been decided to ultimately help the Ethiopian economy grow and be competitive in the international market.

  • East African countries are involved in a USD 8 billion investment agreement.

    Posted on :Thursday , 23rd June 2022

    From agreements signed during the 2021 African Investment Forum, East African governments would collectively benefit from investments totaling at least USD 8.77 billion in transportation, healthcare, energy, and agriculture, among other areas.


    The African Development Bank (AfDB) organised the three-day conference in collaboration with other financial institutions including th. . .

  • Uganda and Ethiopia will work together on building.

    Posted on :Wednesday , 25th May 2022

    Partnerships and exchange of information and skills, according to Ethiopian Ambassador to Uganda Alemtsehay Meseret, would assist enhance the building sector.


    Engineers in Uganda and Ethiopia have launched a collaboration to promote the building sector in both countries in order to improve profitability and efficiency.


    The two nations will share informa. . .

  • Opportunities for a New Horizon of Cooperation between Ethiopia and Somalia

    Posted on :Wednesday , 25th May 2022

    The Somali parliament reelected Hassan Sheikh Mohammed to replace Mohammed Abdullahi Farmaaajo a few days ago in a hotly contested three-round election. The election, which has been postponed for over a year, is expected to usher in a new era in Somalia's diplomatic and comprehensive ties with its neighbours, particularly Ethiopia.


    Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed emphasised his. . .

  • Ethiopia's USD 5 billion Grand Renaissance Dam Project Gets an Update

    Posted on :Wednesday , 27th April 2022

    Ethiopia has begun concrete construction on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam's body, notably on the western side, in preparation for the third filling, according to sources.


    During the previous two years, the first and second fills have totalled eight billion cubic metres of storage. Water continued to flow through one of the two drainage holes on April 14, making turbine . . .

  • MoU signed for construction of road linking Ethiopia to Berbera in Somaliland

    Posted on :Wednesday , 19th May 2021

    The government of Ethiopia through the Ministry of Transport and Dubai Ports (DP) World, a leading global provider of end-to-end logistics solutions, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that would see the construction of a road linking Ethiopia to Berbera in Somaliland.


    A road infrastructure that will connect Berbera port to Wajjale, a city on the border of Somali. . .


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