Regular shipping line for the transport of goods between the port of Zarzis and the Italian port of Marina di Carrara

Posted on :Thursday , 17th January 2019

The new maritime link could be a continuation of the expertise of normal services between the Italian ports of dock di Carrara and Cagliari, on the one hand, and therefore the ports of Susah, Zarzis and Safaqis, that carry over two hundred thousand tonnes of products.

A regular shipping line for the transport of products between the port of Zarzis and therefore the Italian port of dock di Carrara are launched on 24th January this year.

According to the participants during this day, these direct trade lines between European nation and therefore the ports of Central and Southern Tunisia function a catalyst for these regions and supply vital provision and economic blessings in order that they generate terribly important endeavour and cut back decision times and so transport prices.

An data day was union at the industrial port of Zarzis for investors, exporters and business leaders to shed light-weight on this line.


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