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Advertisement on local newspaper
Published on 26th March, 2022
OIL & GAS TANZANIA 2022 - Coverage on TBC Tanzania
Published on 26th March, 2022
OIL & GAS TANZANIA 2022 - International Trade Exhibition | Newspaper Advert
Published on 23rd March, 2022
OIL & GAS TANZANIA 2022 - International Trade Exhibition | TV Commercial
Published on 25th February, 2022
Media coverage on TV channel
Published on 9th November, 2019
Media coverage on TV channel
Published on 9th November, 2019
Media coverage on TV channel
Published on 9th November, 2019
Media coverage on local NewsPaper
Published on 8th November, 2019
Event Advert on local NewsPaper
Published on 06th November, 2019
Published on 27th September, 2019

Expogroup is all set for the 6th OIL & GAS AFRICA 2017 Exhibition

After a successful Oil & Gas Exhibition in 2016, Expogroup is all set for the 6th OIL & GAS AFRICA 2017 Exhibition which will be held from 11th – 13th April in Nairobi at the KICC and 16th – 18th August in Dar-es-Salaam at MCC.

The Exhibitions are an annual platform for national and international experts in the Oil & Gas industry to exchange views and share knowledge, expertise and experiences. The events also aim to explore areas of growth in petroleum technology, exploration, drilling, production and processing, refining, pipeline, transportation, petrochemicals, natural gas, LNG, petroleum trade, economics, marketing, research & development, information technology, safety, health and environment management in the oil & gas sector. As the prime showcase of East Africa’s Oil & Gas sector, this mega events attract professionals, technologists, planners, policy makers, management experts and entrepreneurs to solicit their views in order to catalyze achievement of global energy security. It is expected that the event will attract over a 4200 delegates from around Africa, including engineers, technocrats, environmentalists and entrepreneurs.

Over the past ten years, Oil production has doubled in Africa and new routes have been created for the transportation of hydrocarbons to world markets. The development of the Oil and Gas industry will continue to have a positive effect on the pace of development of the non-oil sectors of Africa’s economy. The successful development of the Oil and Gas industry plays an important role in improving the stability of the country’s international and regional situation. The growth of production capacities and expansion of transport infrastructure is promoting greater cooperation between Africa and international Oil and Gas industry professionals. OIL & GAS Africa 2017 has become a traditional meeting for representatives of the international Oil and Gas community.

OIL & GAS Africa 2017 is today regarded as one of Africa’s most dynamic international Trade exhibitions. Since its inception, Expogroup has envisioned the event to evolve as one of the most awaited and eagerly participated events in Africa. Through committed endeavor and a no-comprise attitude to service, the company has brought that vision to reality. OIL & GAS Africa 2017 is the interactive arm of Expogroup’s activities and the event offers an appropriate platform for outsourcing collaborations, explore new business avenues, enhance your current business, look for beneficial tie-ups and will create opportunities for business visitors to interact with International Exhibitors.

Come be a part of this change!!!

OIL & GAS KENYA: 11th – 13th April – KICC, Nairobi, Kenya
OIL & GAS TANZANIA: 16th – 18th August – MCC, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

For more information on these events please visit:

OIL & GAS TANZANIA 2017- Paving the way for strategic planning, development and growth for Africa's Oil & Gas industry

Oil & Gas Africa Exhibition and Conference is being held from the 16th - 18th August 2017 at Tanzania's prime international venue; the Diamond Jubilee Expo Center in Dar-Es-Salaam. Set to be a key driver in kick-starting the presence of international firms into the local market, the 3rd edition of Oil & Gas Africa 2017 is looking forward to host exhibitors from several countries/regions, which will pave the path to uplifting the East African oil and gas sector.

The 3rd edition of Oil & Gas Africa will facilitate the entry of international support services into the local oil and gas industry. The exhibition will play host to a multitude of international companies looking to introduce and expand their operations, products and services in Africa.

Providing international businesses with a gateway to enter East Africa's oil and gas industry, we will begin to see an influx of foreign companies; building and growing a more robust value chain of support services. Having released its oil and gas resources to the international market, many international firms are looking for local agents and partners, as well as setting up operations in Africa.

Exhibiting at the largest oil and gas event in the industry will allow participants to showcase companies products and services to the industry's largest gathering of qualified decision-makers., Trade visitors from all over East & Central African countries are being invited directly and in collaboration with several regional trade bodies in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia, Mozambique & Congo. Though Tanzania Is developing into one of the biggest markets in Africa, major emphasis is being laid upon attracting traders and importers from neighboring countries.

The event not only creates access for international firms to enter Africa but also for existing Oil & Gas companies to engage and easily source for suppliers. The industry is certainly headed down a path of rapid growth and will need a healthy pool of support services and suppliers to thrive and prosper. The event aims to promote foreign and local products while also creating awareness of investment opportunities in Tanzania and East Africa.

Here's your opportunity, if you are in the Oil & Gas Industry and looking to venture into the African Market


Vizocom Exhibited in Oil & Gas Tanzania 2015

Dubai, UAE, September 15, 2015 – Vizocom was an exhibitor in the Oil & Gas Tanzania 2015 Expo which took place during 27th thru 29th of August. This was an opportunity for Vizocom and its partners Eutelsat and Newtec to debut their new IP Easy Service with low cost hardware solution from Newtec for Africa while taking advantage of this event to introduce its ICT and telecommunications services to international firms and Oil & Gas companies as well as visitors participating in this important regional event.

The event helped facilitate the entry of international support services into the growing oil and gas industry in Tanzania, and hosted a number of international companies looking to introduce and expand operations and services in Africa.

Many local and international oil and gas companies and professionals participated in this event. Most notably, Mr. Reginald Mengi, who heads IPP Media Group – one of the largest media conglomerates in Africa, participated in this event inauguration and met Vizocom’ Regional Sales Manager Mr. Mukundan Paravasthu, Eutelsat’s Head of Sales EMEA, Mr. Philippe Massoubre and Newtec’s Regional Sales Manager, Mr. Pieter-Paul Mooijman at our booth. Mr. Mengi was extremely happy to learn Vizocom was part of the event. He expressed interest in Vizocom and inquired extensively on Vizocom’s services and presence in Africa. Mr. Mengi encouraged Vizocom to expand its operation in Africa and create employment opportunities to the local economy either directly or through Vizocom’s African partners.

OilGas Tanzania Vizocom with Reginald Mengi

Vizocom and it’s partners, Eutelsat and Newtec introduced their satellite communication services to Mr. Reginald Mengi, owner of IPP Media Group.

About Vizocom

Vizocom is a leading Information and Communications Technology company with special focus and expertise on providing internet and VSAT services, IT infrastructure solutions and integration in remote regions throughout the world. Vizocom caters to Fortune 1000 companies with a focus on the O&G, mining and construction markets as well as governments, NGOs, and security companies. While Vizocom’s Satellite Services are global, it focuses on the emerging markets in Africa and Asia.

For more information, visit |

Mengi calls for partnership with foreign investors in trade


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