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Market News

  • Tripling Annual Cashew Output achievable for Tanzania

    Posted on :Tuesday , 25th May 2021

    According to the Tanzanian Agricultural Research Institute (Tari), the country's goal of tripling cashew nut production to 1.0 million tonnes per year is feasible.


    Tari said the government's goal of making the country a leading global cashew nut producer was achievable because new seeds and cultivation methods were promising.


    Tari, which has produced 54 dis. . .

  • TADB providing credit to farmers through SCGS

    Posted on :Monday , 26th April 2021

    Tanzania's Agricultural Development Bank effectively administers its Smallholder Credit Guarantee Scheme (SCGS)  through the Market Infrastructure Value Addition and Rural Finance (MIVARF) programme.


    SCGS is designed to support the bank's strategic goal of increasing smallholder farmers' access to low-interest loans and other affordable terms. The scheme is supported by . . .

  • New plan designed to boost insurance coverage for agriculture in Tanzania

    Posted on :Thursday , 4th March 2021

    The government has devised a five-year strategy to entice insurance firms to join the agriculture industry.


    The Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority's (Tira) proposal comes amid insurance companies' reluctance to venture into agriculture, despite the sector's enormous potential, which accounts for about 28% of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).


    . . .

  • Tanzania offers economic and investment opportunities

    Posted on :Wednesday , 2nd December 2020

    Paul F. Koyi President of Tanzania's Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture of the country (TCCIA) encourages businessmen from Pakistan to explore more forms of trade and investment cooperation in various sectors of the economy.  


    Koyi said on a visit to the Karachi chamber of commerce and industry (KCCI) Headquarters, Tanzania is a very peaceful country which h. . .

  • HealthyFoodsAfrica updating fish processing and packaging

    Posted on :Thursday , 29th October 2020

    HealthyFoodsAfrica has engaged stakeholders within the food processing industry to develop and update them on relevant innovative food packaging, processing and preservation.


    The stakeholders would also brainstorm on how to design improved technology in preservation and smoking in processing of fish to avoid carcinogens in the end product for consumers.


    Exp. . .


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