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Aga Khan University Partners in Global Initiative to Achieve Health SDGs

Posted on :Tuesday , 4th June 2024

To address SDG implementation issues affecting human health, the Aga Khan University Medical College, EA has formed a coalition with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Kenya Forum.

The project aims to address inequalities related to the advancement of health and health-related Sustainable Development Goals (HHSDGs) in Kenya and improve community health and well-being through the CHOICE Project, an initiative of the Institute for Global Health & Development at Aga Khan University and the Centre for Global Child Health at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto. In particular, but not exclusively, SDG 3—health and well-being—SDG 5—gender equality—and SDG 13—climate change—are the focus of the CHOICE initiative. The goal of this partnership is to significantly advance gender inequality, climate change, and important health issues in Kenya.

The project's principal investigator, professor Lukoye Atwoli of Aga Khan University Medical College in East Africa, stated, "Sustainability development goals related to health have not progressed consistently." Many nations, including Kenya, are currently not on track to fulfill these goals because to numerous crises such economic downturns, post-COVID-19 problems, conflicts, climate change, food shortages, and governance issues. The CHOICE project implements health-related sustainable development goals (HHSDGs) with the purpose of reducing inequality and improving health and wellbeing. This will be made possible by the knowledge of regional organizations that concentrate on cross-cutting solutions and multisectoral think tanks.

The CHOICE project's goals are to support and promote local health solutions, such as those related to mental health, nutrition, food systems, and gender equity, by conducting in-depth country case studies and facilitating the establishment of an in-country multisectoral Think Tank for the purpose of implementing health and health-related sustainable development goals.

In collaboration with government and civil society stakeholders, the project also intends to provide a framework for monitoring progress towards the health and health-related sustainable development goals.

"This Memorandum of Understanding with AKU represents a significant step towards achieving our shared vision of health equity and sustainable development goals," stated Florence Syevuo, executive secretary of the Coalition for Sustainable Development. We will cooperate to find solutions to the problems preventing the achievement of the Health and Health-Related Sustainable Development Goals (HHSDGs).

Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Pakistan, and Kyrgyzstan are the five nations where the CHOICE Project is now being carried out. The Country Lead oversees the project activities in each nation. The CHOICE Project in Kenya is being managed by the Population Health Department at Aga Khan University. Dr. Roselyter Riang'a is the country lead, Prof. Lukoye Atwoli is the country project Principal Investigator, and Dr. Anthony Ngugi is the CO-PI.

The Center for Global Child Health (CGCH) at the Hospital for Sick Children will assist the Institute for Global Health and Development (IGHD) at Aga Khan University in its role as the worldwide coordinating hub.


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