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  • Investments have turned Tanzania into a medical tourism hub

    Posted on :Friday , 12th February 2021

    Investing in specialist care has decreased the number of patients seeking medical attention overseas at exorbitant rates by more than 95%, from 200 to 300 patients a year, to less than 60.


    Eventually, government attempts to expand spending in the health sector have led the country to draw patients from surrounding nations. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Comoro, Ugand. . .

  • French pharma firm Sartorius invests in Tanzania's pharmacy training

    Posted on :Tuesday , 29th December 2020

    Global pharmacy and laboratory equipment provider Sartorius is funding an aid initiative to develop pharmaceutical preparation in Tanzania with a donation of US$104,000 which will go to action medeor, the European medical aid organisation.


    The organization's initiative addresses young people who, after finishing their education as non-academic pharmacy professionals, will pro. . .

  • Cameroon to benefit from construction of a multi-functional laboratory complex

    Posted on :Thursday , 11th June 2020

    The Republic of Cameroon, a country on the Gulf of Guinea in the central region of Africa is set to benefit from the construction of a multifunctional laboratory complex dedicated to the analysis and control of the quality of food, pharmaceutical, textile, electronic, chemical and construction products.


    The project is being carried out by Mediline Medical Cameroon, a subsidia. . .

  • Govt. Industrialisation Agenda Vowed By Pharmacists In Tanzania

    Posted on :Thursday , 19th March 2020

    Pharmacists in the country have vowed to support the government industrialisation agenda and improvement of health service initiatives undertaken in the country.


    Addressing a press conference in Dar Es Salaam, Mr Issa Hango who serves as president of the Pharmaceutical Society of Tanzania (PST) said as pharmacists were scheduled to hold the annual general meeting (AGM) and a . . .

  • Tanzania Soon To Become A Medical Tourism Destination

    Posted on :Monday , 24th February 2020

    President John Magufuli admires gift presented to him by the Medical Association of Tanzania (MAT) during his meeting with doctors and other medical practitioners in Dar es Salaam.


    He said that the government is investing heavily in modern health equipment and services to save foreign exchange earnings and promote medical tourism.


    He added that since the go. . .


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