Build Talk | Buildexpo Kenya 2024

The Builders Meet is a value-added special initiative inviting the major buyers, purchasers and decision makers from East Africa who have specific sourcing requirements. The Builders Meet provides a golden opportunity to discover the latest trends in the building and construction industry, to meet with the suitable industry-specific suppliers for focused one-to-one appointments, to build up a global network of opportunities and to create new business development initiatives.

Application to the Builders Meet is free of charge. Please complete the Application Form to register your interest in attending the Buildexpo Kenya 2024 - Builders Meet.

The Builders Meet for the Buildexpo Kenya 2024 consists of the global industry professionals of Wholesalers, Retailers, Importers, Re-Exporters, Brand Owners/Agents, Interior Designers, Distributors, Specialty Stores, Buying Offices, Agents, Showrooms, Corporate Companies, Int’l Professional Associations/Organizations/Federations/Societies/Auction Houses, Ministries & Public Institutions.

In order to be eligible to attend for the Builders Meet, the applicant must be in the position of senior manager/decision maker (owner, board member, purchase director, senior level purchase specialist, merchant etc.) being responsible for planning, organizing, recommending or making purchase decisions for the international business of the company/organization that represents.


  • Hear about strategies to advance the capabilities of the building industry workforce and meet the growing demand for high-performance buildings in the face of worker shortages.

  • Appreciate the challenges and opportunities facing the building industry to achieve resilient, energy-efficient communities and cities.

  • Examine how an understanding of the cost-effectiveness of past mitigation efforts can set a pathway for community resilience in the public and private sectors.

  • Discover how various information tools, including the Construction Operations to Building information exchange, can improve collaboration and building performance.

  • Understand the importance of managing and securing facility information, from the design and use of standards to streamline information exchange to the security of building systems.


Mr. Edward Tenga
Chairman, KNCCI
Mr. Wahome Hezron Gikanga
Managing Director, KEAMSCO
Director, Enablers & Macro Directorate,
Kenya Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat (VDS).

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Key Topics: Leading experts from inside and outside the industry will discuss the, industry trends, geopolitical - relating to politics and that are influenced by geographical factors and social and that will have the maximum impact on the built environment. What are the challenges and opportunities that will have a lifelong impact?


  • Infrastructure and its future

  • Eco-materials for construction: sources, products and scientific challenges

  • Applications and feedback on eco-materials for construction

  • Opportunities and constraints for development of the sector of eco-materials for construction

  • Green Technology and its plus points

Build Talk's diverse group of delegates will include:

  • Architects and Engineers

  • Builders/Contractors

  • Developers

  • Financial Service Providers

  • Government Agencies

  • Interior Designers

  • Architects and Engineers

  • Manufacturers and Software Providers

During this conference you will be among like-minded individuals with common goals and objectives. You will be able to discuss with peers what has been implemented successfully, what roadblocks exist - and any new products or technologies utilized. Missing the conference means missing out on opportunities and getting left behind.

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