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  • Nairobi based Car & General enters the electric car market

    Posted on :Thursday , 27th January 2022

    Car and General (C&G) will begin selling electric vehicles and tuk-tuks as part of a strategy to expand into the 'green' mobility market, which is projected to increase in response to efforts to combat climate change and pollution.


    For decades, the Nairobi Securities Exchange-listed company has sold motorbikes and three-wheelers with internal combustion engines as part of. . .

  • Plans Underway to Introduce All-Electric Cars in the Nation says Kenya Power

    Posted on :Thursday , 27th January 2022

    Kenya Power claims that the country's innovative ambitions to enter into the all-electric car industry are well underway.


    Acting Managing Director Rosemary Oduor of the utility corporation said the government is closely monitoring the situation in order to make it easy for those who want to buy electric vehicles in the nation.


    "Kenya Power, the country's el. . .

  • Uber Partners with Opibus to Offer Electric Motorcycles in Kenya

    Posted on :Tuesday , 28th December 2021

    Uber Kenya has revealed fresh ambitions to include electric motorbikes in its ridesharing service. To do this, the startup located in the United States is collaborating with electric car manufacturer Opibus. However, no timetable was provided for when the corporation plans to implement this initiative.


    However, the need for cleaner transportation, particularly in Kenya's expa. . .

  • Kenya Power intends to set up electric vehicle charging stations in malls, highways

    Posted on :Tuesday , 28th December 2021

    KPLC stated ambitions to expand its presence in the electric car industry by constructing statewide charging stations and fighting for lower import taxes on non-fuel-powered vehicles. The power distributor announced that it will establish a network of public electric car charging stations, so eliminating one of Kenya's major impediments to electric vehicle adoption.


    It is als. . .

  • SA based electric car maker sets up shop in Nairobi

    Posted on :Friday , 26th November 2021

    Agilitee Africa, a South African-based electric car manufacturer, has opened a branch in Nairobi as it aims to grow into the East African market.


    Mandla Lamba, the business's Chief Executive Officer, stated that the company intends to spend Sh111.2 million in its Nairobi-based subsidiary, Agilitee East Africa.


    "We will formally begin operations in Kenya in . . .


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