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  • Kiambu County Government Sets up first solar street light project in Fort Jesus

    Posted on :Wednesday , 10th April 2024

    The first solar street lighting project in Kiambu was put into service by the Kiambu County Government in Fort Jesus, Ruiru Sub-County.


    The integrated solar street lighting was introduced as part of the urban transformation strategy by Governor Kimani Wamatangi, Ms. Salome Muthoni, CECM of Lands, Housing, Physical Planning and Municipalities and local MCAs.

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  • Nairobi Receives Traffic Lights and CCTV at 125 Crossroads as Part of a China Agreement

    Posted on :Monday , 4th March 2024

    As part of a Chinese-funded initiative to improve safety and streamline traffic for both cars and people walking, 125 crossroads in Nairobi will get new traffic signals and traffic video surveillance cameras.


    According to the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA), a loan from the Exim Bank of China would be used to finance the project, which will be carried out by Chinese contra. . .

  • Kisumu Launches a Sh1.4 Billion Scheme to renovate tarmac roads, install street lights, etc

    Posted on :Thursday , 1st February 2024

    A project of Sh1.4 billion has been launched by the Kisumu government to convert slums into contemporary residential zones.


    The county was eligible for the second Kenya Informal Settlements Improvements Project (KISIP 2), which is why this is happening.


    KISIP 1 had previously been successfully adopted by the county. 


    Nyalenda, Obunga. . .

  • Kenyan Households illuminated by imported lights.

    Posted on :Friday , 12th January 2024

    Traders from all across Kenya congregate in Nairobi's Nyamakima shopping district, which is home to the nation's largest network of stores selling Chinese-imported electronics and electrical goods.


    Shopkeepers distribute packages via bulk couriers to every region of the nation, including South Sudan and Uganda and they import goods in bulk from China to resell to other d. . .

  • Kenyans Switch to Chinese-Made Solar Floodlights to Illuminate Their Homes.

    Posted on :Friday , 8th December 2023

    The world's biggest retail network of Chinese-imported electronics and electrical goods is located in Nyamakima, a shopping district in Nairobi, Kenya, where dealers from all over the country congregate.


    Retailers here purchase goods in large quantities from China and resell them to other merchants. Bulk couriers deliver packages throughout the nation, especially to Sout. . .


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