Kenya and GOGLA Work Together To Promote Solar Energy for Useful Purposes in Kenya

Posted on :Tuesday , 2nd April 2024

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was formally signed by KEREA, the Kenya Renewable Energy Association, and GOGLA, the global association for the off-grid solar industry, to advance the productive use of solar energy in Kenya over the next four years. With funding from the IKEA Foundation, this partnership seeks to provide a greater number of Kenyans with access to modern, clean energy by utilizing the potential of renewable technologies, especially solar power, to generate revenue.


The key objectives of the partnership include:


1. Increasing Cooperation: To guarantee a cohesive strategy for the efficient use of renewable energy, government officials and off-grid solar enterprises in Kenya should be encouraged to work together.  


2. Enabling Environment: Encouraging coordination between government agencies and different stakeholders to improve the enabling environment at the national level for the Productive Use of Renewable Energy (PURE) markets.  


3. Accessibility of Market Data: Improving PURE's access to vital market data and practical insights will foster a better comprehension of the appliances, goods, and solutions used throughout the nation.  


4. PURE Ecosystem Improvement: Improving the PURE ecosystem as a whole to promote sustainable development, economic empowerment, and food security.


The extensive use of solar energy for residential use in Kenya is one of the historical examples of the country's creativity in renewable energy, according to Acting CEO of KEREA Jeff Vanden Berghe. He stressed how crucial it is to employ renewable energy sources wisely in order to propel the nation's economic growth and prosperity.  


The IKEA Foundation's Jolanda van Ginkel, Program Manager for Renewable Energy, commended GOGLA and KEREA on their agreement and acknowledged the potential of renewable energy to advance vital health services worldwide, improve agriculture, and spur business.


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