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  • Bluetti Lights up the First Home in Africa Under Project LAAF (Lighting An African Family)

    Posted on :Thursday , 2nd December 2021

    Considering Africa’s potential of generating enormous solar power, the current situation in the continent is gruesome and actually quite opposite considering the energy generation. Over640 a million people in Africa do not have access to energy, while only 40% of people have electricity connections. However, the per capita consumption is significantly lower at 180 kWh, while . . .

  • Africa's LED and OLED Displays and Lighting Products Market Prospects, Regional Scenario, and Current Opportunity Analysis 2021-2027

    Posted on :Wednesday , 3rd November 2021

    The African LED and OLED displays and lighting products market is anticipated to be worth US$ 1088.9 million. During the projected period, the growing prevalence of smartphones in emerging economies, owing to rapid development of telecommunications infrastructure, is expected to boost growth of the Africa LED & OLED displays and lighting products market.

    Various countries in Africa s. . .

  • Dubai Based Company Lazure to spotlight trade opportunities by participating at 06th Lightexpo Tanzania 2021

    Posted on :Monday , 21st December 2020

    Expogroup to welcome Lazure Worldwide Fze Llc at it 06th edition of lighting fair in Tanzania at Dar es Salaam in the month of March from 24th to 26th.

    Lazure believes in an ecosystem that thrives on design. Design has a social impact on lives as no other fundamental and genuinely believe that lighting plays an important role in achieving that design. Lazure passionately work towards ach. . .

  • The Solar Mamas Lighting Zanzibar Streets and Homes

    Posted on :Friday , 4th December 2020

    In the Zanzibar archipelago of Tanzania, beyond pristine beaches and azure blue seas, there is the tale of tens of thousands of people who have been struggling with access to affordable electricity for years, with an estimated 50 percent of the population shut out of the national grid.

    As a result, families have had to struggle with costly and unhealthy energy sources, including kerosene. . .

  • Startup Offers Portable Lighting Systems To Finance Solar Charging Stations In Tanzania

    Posted on :Friday , 4th December 2020

    The joint start-up of South Korea and US-based YOLK initiated a crowdfunding campaign to fund thousands of solar charging stations in schools across Tanzania. As Springwise notes, a campaign aimed at helping children from low-income families have access to clean energy and education in the African region.

    The idea is to sell portable batteries and light as much as possible. Solar Milk ca. . .


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