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Market News

  • Tanzania has a burgeoning woodworking sector

    Posted on :Tuesday , 5th December 2023

    Tanzania is a budding market for the woodworking industry, there are several companies that operate sawmills in Tanzania, such as Wood Export Co., Energo Tanzania, Green Resources, Pethad Trading Company Limited, Wood Industry Solutions, Hope General Supplies, Gats Solutions Co Limited, Ifundaindustrial, Bora Msaky Sawmill, Rasik Lagoon, and Firgos International BV, operate sawmills in Tanzania. . .

  • Tanzania's timber sector is expected to see significant growth.

    Posted on :Wednesday , 8th November 2023

    An rise in the number of wood processing industries is expected to significantly strengthen Tanzania's timber sector. This breakthrough has opened up a new chapter for the sub-sector and fully integrated the private sector. The timber business has benefited greatly from the public-private partnership's ability to handle numerous challenges and the prohibition on timber harvest permits has helpe. . .

  • Timber Wood Gains Traction in Africa’s Construction Sector

    Posted on :Wednesday , 4th October 2023

    The 96-metre-high "Burj Zanzibar" is expected to open in the next years, offering a stunning new addition to Zanzibar's skyline. The most notable aspect of this structure is not its height, but the fact that it will be constructed primarily of wood. According to Milan Heilmann, Project Manager at CPS Zanzibar, the landmark project is meant to demonstrate to the globe the benefits of employing t. . .

  • Getting the most out of Tanzania's timber industry

    Posted on :Tuesday , 31st January 2023

    Tanzanian people are being empowered to manage forests in a sustainable manner.

    97% of the 48 million hectares of forest in Tanzania are primary forests. Due to the rising need for raw materials and their byproducts, many anticipate that these assets will open up new income prospects for the Tanzanian labour force.


    In the woods of southeast Tanzania, hardwood timber. . .

  • Burj Zanzibar: The World's Future Tallest Timber Building

    Posted on :Friday , 28th October 2022

    The Indian Ocean island of Zanzibar is planning the world's tallest timber apartment, a 28-story residential structure built with hybrid timber technology.


    The magnificent high-rise, known as Burj Zanzibar (the Arabic word "burj" means "tower"), is intended to rise significantly 96 metres. As the first timber construction of this size in the entire world, it would be know. . .


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