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  • Burj Zanzibar: The World's Future Tallest Timber Building

    Posted on :Friday , 28th October 2022

    The Indian Ocean island of Zanzibar is planning the world's tallest timber apartment, a 28-story residential structure built with hybrid timber technology.


    The magnificent high-rise, known as Burj Zanzibar (the Arabic word "burj" means "tower"), is intended to rise significantly 96 metres. As the first timber construction of this size in the entire world, it would be know. . .

  • Africa is showing an increasing interest in the manufacture of engineered wood products.

    Posted on :Tuesday , 28th December 2021

    Africa will be one of the world's greatest marketplaces by 2050, with a population exceeding that of China. The construction of a continental free trade zone is well underway. Africa's population will grow to include a sizable middle class with a growing hunger for consumer goods. These trends present opportunities for investment and expansion in the forest and wood products industries. Tan. . .

  • Tanzania demands higher timber and wood supply

    Posted on :Friday , 26th November 2021

    In Tanzania's fast developing economy, rising demand for timber and wood supply from industrial plantations and natural forests have created a new source of income for smallholder farmers in Tanzania's Southern Highlands, which is experiencing a tree-growing boom.


    Woodlots are becoming increasingly common in East Africa as a result of growing urban demand for lumber, elec. . .

  • TNBC announces ambitions to establish wood-product manufacturing plants.

    Posted on :Tuesday , 26th October 2021

    Dr. Ezekiel Mwakalukwa, Chairman of TNBC's Forestry Working Group, stated in Dar es Salaam. Ben Mfungo Sulus, co-chair of the working group, and Dr. Godwill Wanga, executive secretary of the TNBC, are with him.


    The Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC) is launching a program to encourage the creation of Engineered Wood Products manufacturing units (EWPs).


    . . .

  • Furniture importers in Africa are reaping the rewards.

    Posted on :Wednesday , 25th August 2021

    As demand for residential and office space rises across Africa, the furniture industry continues to thrive in many African countries.


    Africa's rising economy, as well as its vast and quickly growing urban population, are some of the reasons why the furniture industry is doing well on our continent.


    From Lagos in West Africa to Nairobi in East Africa, it is . . .


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