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  • KENYA: Norfund Invests $15 Million in BLK1 for Electrification via Solar Kits

    Posted on :Monday , 15th February 2021

    Norfund, a Norwegian government’s investment company joins the Brighter Life Kenya 1 Limited scheme with a USD 15 million investment. Norfund hopes to provide around 1.9 million Kenyans with access to electricity through solar home systems.


    Brighter Life Kenya 1 Limited is expanding. The scheme launched in 2020 to facilitate the financing of solar home syst. . .

  • Kenya: Total's 107 Stations Switch to Solar as More Consumers Give Kenya Power a Blackout

    Posted on :Monday , 8th February 2021

    Kenya has connected total 107 of its service stations to solar energy, making it 1 of the largest firms to significantly reduce its reliance on Kenya Power. The move comes at an exact time when solar is becoming a cheaper and more reliable bet.


    The firm said it has installed around some 3,390 solar panels and now is planning to have an additional 41 stations migrate to solar . . .

  • Kenya to Add 80mw Solar Power to National Grid

    Posted on :Monday , 28th December 2020

    Kenya is ready to install 80 MW of solar power to the national electricity grid in 2021, the energy regulator reported.


    Caroline Kimathi, principal renewable energy officer at the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority, told journalists in Nairobi that Kenya generates roughly 200 megawatts of electricity from harnessing the sun's energy.


    "Private investo. . .

  • Kenya Power Raises Alarm over Clients Solar Switch

    Posted on :Monday , 8th February 2021

    The raising shift to solar power systems by heavy-consuming industrialists searching reliable and cheaper supply has rattled electricity distributor Kenya Power amid thinning revenues.

    The utility firm said some of its industrial customers who account for about 54.8 % of its sales revenues  are gradually shifting to own-generated solar power, dealing a further blow to its already dwi. . .

  • Tender Launched to Build Solar PV Plants in Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda

    Posted on :Monday , 8th February 2021

    The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has launched a tender for the construction of ground-mounted solar projects with capacities ranging from 60 to 500 kW across Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda. "Bidding companies will be expected to offer on all the sites eventually selected for the tender," the UNHCR specified.

    The projects will have a combined capacity of 1.8 MW and can. . .


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