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  • Governor Johnson Sakaja to set up Kenya's Biggest Wood Furniture Industry

    Posted on :Monday , 4th September 2023

    The initiative for aggregation and industrial parks, which is aimed at 27 Priority Counties, would soon enable Nairobi City County Government to establish the Nation's First Wood Furniture Business. Executive, commercial, and hustler opportunities Nairobi City County was one of the 27 Counties selected to execute along the CAIPs project, as stated by Maureen Njeri, and financing for it has been. . .

  • JAT Holdings PLC has expanded Its presence in african markets

    Posted on :Monday , 31st July 2023

    JAT Holdings PLC, a Leader in the Wood Coating Market in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the Maldives, Enters the African Market in July 2023 by Establishing "JAT Paints Africa Limited" in Kenya Through a Joint Venture With Mayleen Corp, a Diversified Business House With Headquarters in Kenya. Following Its Incredible Achievement in South Asia, This Strategic Step Will Be Expected to Strengthen Jat'. . .

  • Woodworking is a crucial sector for Kenya's economic development

    Posted on :Wednesday , 7th June 2023

    Woodworking industry in Kenya is a vital sector that contributes to the country's economic development and social welfare. Woodworking involves the processing of wood and wood products into various forms of furniture, construction materials, handicrafts, and other items.


    The industry in Kenya has witnessed remarkable growth and development over the years. With a rich history . . .

  • Upgrading the Kenya-Taiwan Economic Relationship

    Posted on :Thursday , 27th April 2023

    We are excited to discuss the most recent developments in the trade and investment sectors. Mr. Richard Ngatia, President of the Chamber, met with His Excellency Ambassador Chenhwa Lou, Taiwan Representative in the Republic of Somaliland, also connected with Kenya, to discuss trade and investment potential.


    During the meeting, the Chamber President emphasized the need to incr. . .

  • Among the top trade-friendly nations in Africa is Kenya

    Posted on :Monday , 27th February 2023

    According to a ranking released by the Spanish consulting company Bloom Consulting, Kenya is the seventh most appealing African nation for trade.


    From the 12th position in the previous assessment, where it was ranked behind Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, Egypt, and Ethiopia, Kenya rose five spots in the most recent rankings. Additionally, the report noted that Ken. . .


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