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  • Kenya Housing Projects boost Wood Sector and Construction Industry

    Posted on :Monday , 26th July 2021

    Indirectly and directly, Kenya's wood sector serves approximately 500,000 Kenyans, with the lumberjack trade also serving as a backbone for the country's building industry. There are a number of variables that are leading to an increase in the demand for wood in Kenya.


    It is predicted that Kenya's economy would continue to develop at a high pace. Kenya has a population of mor. . .

  • Kenya's Forestry Contribution to the National Economy and Trade

    Posted on :Thursday , 8th July 2021

    In Kenya, the forest sector provides more economic benefits than is recorded in the country's national statistics.

    The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) indicated forestry’s contribution to GDP to be one percent, which, according to the study of the Forestry Society of Kenya did not take into account other important values, including direct values of both timbe. . .

  • The Demand for Wood is Growing in Kenya

    Posted on :Wednesday , 3rd March 2021

    Several developments in Kenya are leading to an increase in demand for timber. Kenya's economy has expanded by 6% per year and is expected to continue to expand steadily. The population currently stands at 53 million and the proportion of the population living in cities is growing steadily. The rising middle class wants to buy nicer homes and furniture.


    For example, demand fo. . .

  • Boom in the demand for wood coatings in Kenya

    Posted on :Wednesday , 25th November 2020

    The future of Kenya's wood-coating industry is promising given the persistent constraints of the country's supply chain of wood and wood products, which is characterized by increasing demand toward a lower supply that could have an effect on the overall demand for wood-coating in the East African country.


    There is growing hope about the potential growth of the wood-coating in. . .

  • KENYA: $28 million is raised by Komaza to expand forest plantations

    Posted on :Monday , 26th October 2020

    The Komaza logging company has recently concluded a Class B fundraising campaign that raised USD 28 million. The money will be used to grow forest plantations for sustainable timber harvesting.


    Sustainable timber harvesting in Kenya could have a promising future. Such is the vision that underlies the financial activity that Komaza has recently concluded. The logging company r. . .


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