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Cargo Information

Please note that exhibition cargo is not a responsibility of the organizers. Information below is for your assistance only. You may deal directly with the agents listed below or your regular forwarding agent in your country who has a counterpart in Tanzania.

If the samples are not bulky, exhibitors are advised to carry them as personal baggage. This will save money as sending air / sea cargo is more expensive than paying for extra baggage.

All exhibitors must send a sample invoice / packing list before shipping / air freighting the goods, by email / fax to the clearing agents to get an approximate value of all charges involved and advice on values declared. Exhibitors must write to all Clearing Agents for guidelines on all documents required, which may include Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, appropriate certificates for food, medical, restricted and prohibited goods.

The exhibitors must pay cargo charges directly or through their forwarding agents, by telex transfer or by cash, in Dar-es-Salaam, prior to receiving the goods. The clearing agents may not release your goods to you otherwise. Goods are usually provided to exhibitor's stands unless advised differently.

Goods should not be much under-invoiced as customs may put their own value, if not satisfied with the invoice value declared by the exhibitor. Please consult the clearing agents for their advise, if necessary.

For promotional items such as brochures, small giveaways, display stands etc., please declare a small value.

All goods should reach the port at least 15 days and airport at least 10 days prior to the opening of the exhibition, to ensure that the goods are cleared in time.

Exhibition samples and stand construction materials should be packed and declared separately from goods for test sales.

A small advice to all exhibitors worldwide is to always carry some brochures / business cards / posters etc. as hand baggage so that they are not empty handed at their stand, if their cargo or personal baggage is delayed / lost etc. It is important that all precautions are taken to ensure that your investment is not wasted.

Exhibitors should note that Expogroup will not pay any duties/ taxes declared for their goods. Also, all duties and taxes are fixed by the Government and are non-negotiable.

Devex Africa Ltd
Mr. Lambaji Madai
PSSSF House,  1st Floor, Wing B, Plot 105/106, 
Samora Avenue & Morogoro Road, Dar es Salaam.
Mobile: +255 786 995566/ +255 754 995566
Email: /

Kuehne + Nagel (T) Ltd
Contact Person : Beatrice Temba (Airfreight Manager)
Nyerere / Pugu Road, Plot No. 29C
P.O. Box 40019
Dar Es Salaam
Tel: +255 (22) 2860410 - 4
Mobile: +255 767358540
Expolink Event & Publication
Attn: Mr Benny G. Mosha
Box 19600 Yombo-Temeke, Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania
Tel: +255 713 246267/767 246267

Note: Please mention on consignment(s) "FOR EXHIBITION". Courier or customs charges, if any, will need to be paid by the exhibitor in advance.


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