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  • TANZANIA: Julius Nyerere Hydroelectric Dam Impoundment Launched

    Posted on :Monday , 9th January 2023

    Tanzanian authorities are launching the filling of the reservoir of the Julius Nyerere hydroelectric dam on the Rufiji River. The facility will power the turbines of a 2,115 MW hydroelectric plant, one of the largest in East Africa.


    News on the Rufiji hydroelectric project in Tanzania. Authorities in the East African country are beginning to impound the dam, which is being bu. . .

  • African countries eye 2030 start for generating nuclear energy

    Posted on :Thursday , 25th August 2022

    At least seven African countries are at various stages - commissioning, shopping for vendors and mapping appropriate sites - in the roll-out of nuclear power plants, as a majority eye 2030 as a start-date for generating electricity from nuclear energy.


    Egypt is currently the only country to have begun construction, following the formal launch of a site in July. The US$25 bill. . .

  • TANZANIA: TANESCO Joins Forces with Masdar to Produce 2 GW of Clean Energy

    Posted on :Friday , 12th August 2022

    In Tanzania, the state-owned Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) has agreed with Masdar of the United Arab Emirates to jointly produce 2 GW of clean energy, including solar photovoltaic plants with a combined capacity of 600 MWp. The project will help meet the growing demand for electricity in this East African country where only 39% of the population has access to electricity.

    &nb. . .

  • Tanzania tests electric train on new SGR line, hits top speed of 160km/h

    Posted on :Wednesday , 6th July 2022

    The Tanzania SGR hit a speed of 160Km/h compared to Kenya's SGR that uses diesel and can move up to 120Km/h.

    It is being expected that, once commissioned for service, the new SGR train should be able to travel at the velocity of 160 kilometers per hour, which is essentially twice the speed of an ordinary bus.

    The SRG line between Dar-es-salaam City and Morogoro Station measures 300 . . .

  • Tanzania: Rukwa to Power 155 Villages This Year

    Posted on :Wednesday , 16th March 2022

    Rural Energy Agency (REA) and Tanescoare set to connect 155 villages in Rukwa with electricity by the end of this year thanks to 41.8bn/- fund.


    Rukwa'sTanesco acting Regional Manager, Joseph Malongo, told the Regional Consultative Committee (RCC) that under the 2nd round of REA Phase III the remaining 155 village in Rukwa will be connected coming this December.



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