Tanesco and Rea Tasked With Ensuring Reliable Power in Tanzania

Posted on :Saturday , 29th June 2024

MOROGORO: Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) and Rural Energy Agency (REA) have been instructed by Dr. Doto Biteko, the Minister for Energy and Deputy Prime Minister, to operate effectively and professionally in order to guarantee a dependable supply of energy to the general population.  


Dr. Biteko made these remarks at the opening of the massive Ifakara Substation and 20MVA distribution facility. "I would like to encourage all those involved in the Energy Sector (REA and TANESCO) to step up the implementation of these important projects that will stimulate the growth of the country's economy and individuals," Biteko said.


"I urge you to strengthen the management of these projects to ensure value for money" stated Dr. Biteko. He said that the existence of the Ifakara power plant will encourage investment, leading to the establishment of 54 enterprises for the value addition of agricultural products and the continuous building of sizable mines in the Ulanga District, which requires dependable electricity.  


Minister for Energy and Deputy Prime Minister stated that the 68-kilometer power line, which will cost 104 billion/-, will be built by the government to deliver electricity to the mines. In addition, Dr. Biteko said that rather than depending solely on services from the regional office in Morogoro town, the government will establish a TANESCO regional office in Morogoro Zone.


Dr. Biteko added that Kilombero, Ulanga, and Malinyi districts in the Morogoro region now have access to adequate and dependable electricity as a result of the substation's completion.  


According to Dr. Biteko, there are a number of advantages to the project, including as expanding the grid's reach, boosting investment in rice and other agricultural sectors, and providing services to educational and medical institutions.  


"The government takes the energy issue seriously and it is the ministry that is committed to ensure the availability of electricity to the people and electricity to us is not luxury, but a necessity," stated Dr. Biteko.


Dr. Biteko expressed his gratitude to President Samia Suluhu Hassan for supporting the project, which got underway in 2020 with funds from the EU and the government totalling at least 25 billion.  


The project's completion, which will significantly improve people's social and economic circumstances, was praised by Christine Greu, the ambassador of the European Union to the nation, as well as the Ministry, REA, TANESCO, and contractors.


Ms. Greu stated that because energy is the driving force behind sustainable development, Tanzania and the European Union have a long-standing relationship on energy-related issues. The partnership is concentrated on a number of areas, including clean cooking energy.


According to Ms. Greu, the Ifakara project has given institutions and citizens access to consistent electricity, which they will use to grow economically and create value-added enterprises. In order to provide Tanzanians with access to dependable electricity, she has pledged that the EU will keep supporting the country's energy sector.  


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